The Great Big World

A blue-sprinkled sno-ball

That’s what the sky is.

Full of sweetness and light

And puffy, white clouds.


A round bowl of jelly

That’s what the world is.

Full of laughter and love

And wide open spaces.


Give me a taste, please.

Let me have a lick.

I want a piece of that cake quick

Said the little child waiting in heaven.


But, said the Lord it isn’t all brightness and joy.

There will be sorrow and loss,

And suffering too.

All isn’t sweet in the world down below.


Your tongue will have to taste the bitter

In order to understand the sweet.

Your feet will have to harden on sharp rocks

In order to know why softness exists.


But, let me down, please, Father,

I know the pain cannot last

Because you will be there,

And big brother will too!

Yes, said the Father

Your Big Brother will come.

He will preach, He will heal

And to Him many will Come.


And yet, he will suffer

And die on a cross,

A symbol of pain,

A sign of great loss,


Yes, Father, yes

But remember you said

On the Third Day He will rise from the Dead.


The world will be full of bright colored flowers,

Spring will shine forth

And with it new birth on that great round earth.

I will be born and then come back to you.

For that is what you want me to do.




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