Flaws poem


I need someone who is blind.

I need someone who won’t see my flaws.

I need someone who doesn’t see my weaknesses.

God gives me weaknesses.

God gives me flaws.

He does this so that I know

I must rely on Him.

He is my Creator.

He created me to have the chance

To have flaws

To have weaknesses.

I have been allowed to suffer.

It is for my good I am told.

God shows me my weaknesses.

He shows me that I need Him.

Otherwise, I might not seek after Him.

When you live in a veil of forgetfulness

It is natural to forget

Where you came from

Who you really are.

But when you are weak

When you are frail

Like a child,

You seek for protection

You seek for help

From those above you.

We seek for a Higher Power

To give us what we cannot get ourselves.

To give us wisdom and light

We cannot do it on our own.

So I may have weaknesses

I may have flaws

Maybe I’m not perfect

I feel you won’t love me if you see these things

So I hide them away.

But who is really perfect?

Who has no flaws?

Those are lucky ones.

I hope they don’t forget their Creator.


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