IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

Welcome to Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #10

Welcome to the last task. This one is pretty easy! “Happiness is … ”

Complete the sentence and grow it. Keep it a maximum of five hundred words or less.

(Note: I could have made this shorter, but decided to leave in all parts because it fully expressed the development of my thoughts.)




Happiness is being well.  Being well means existing in a state of goodness or rightness.  We believe that people should have the freedom to pursue happiness. Happiness is found by living in a way that suits you or living in a way that is right for you.  All of us are different and have different tastes and preferences and circumstances.  But there are certain principles of goodness and health that if followed will allow us all to reach the fullest amount of happiness that is possible for us in our present circumstances.

Now our present circumstances vary a great deal between people and between time frames in our lives.  There may be times when circumstances are more favorable to us.  There may be times when our physical and emotional needs are better taken care of.  This can create wellbeing.  But what of those times when we are being deprived of our needs in some way?  In this case, happiness may be harder to find.  But if we consistently strive towards living in the way of goodness or rightness, it will at least maintain a kind of peace in our souls that will hold us through until the time when our needs will be better satisfied. 

Living well or making wise decisions will also be helpful in getting our needs fulfilled.  Although there are times in our lives when outside forces make it impossible for us to have certain needs fulfilled in a pleasing way, usually the choices we make will lead us towards either ultimately fulfilling our needs or not.

But sometimes those decisions are not clear-cut.  What seems like a good idea at one moment because of certain alluring properties may turn out later to not really be in our best interest.  For example, eating a chocolate bar is very alluring in the moment for me.  But the results of eating a chocolate bar and other unhealthy foods over and over throughout a long time period will have an undesirable effect on my physical body and health.  This is a simple example. 

Another more complicated example that I might reflect on is marriage and divorce.  This is a complicated matter.   When I made the choice to get married I made the decision based on many factors that were working on me.  Factors of physical and emotional security and factors relating to the religious and social values with which I had been taught all led me towards deciding to get married and make important promises.

Now this choice seemed like the best decision at the time.  And it did bring many benefits.  But it turned out to be something that did not ultimately bring me the happiness or wellbeing that I desired.  This lack of perceived wellbeing led me to another decision I made in pursuit of happiness.  This decision was the one to get a divorce.  This choice was not an easy one.  It was a choice I had never wanted to make.  But in the face of a broken marriage that did not seem to be getting any better, I made this choice to end an unsatisfactory situation.  But once divorced, although I initially felt some relief in this newfound freedom, I still felt the consequences of this action: loneliness, guilt, and confusion.  At times I wonder whether this was the right decision.  Some would say it was not the right decision.  It did free me somewhat from an unsatisfactory situation and I hoped it would bring me towards future happiness, but I have yet to find that happiness I seek.  However, after a reflection on what happiness is, I hope to be able to more carefully assess my future decisions to see if they are ones that will lead me towards wellbeing or not.  It is my choice.



2 thoughts on “IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

  1. Happiness is well being!

    We do all are responsible for our decisions and need to accept the consequences that come along with it. Well put.. 🙂

    Thank you so much for taking up IBMC and completing all the ten. 🙂


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