Some thoughts on time and space



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Time and space are in opposition to endlessness.

We live in a mortal dimension in which we are bound by time and space. We have certain limitations in which we work-boundaries-natural laws- that seem to constrain what we can do. But mostly our lack of knowledge and sometimes our doubt and lack of faith keep us powerless.

We live in a world of death, decay and imperfection.  Things tend towards dissolution and chaos. Things want to go wild- go their own way- and fight for survival in a mindset of scarcity- where the individual sees a need for resources and may see that there appears not enough for it – so it must fight with others or negotiate and trade to receive those resources it needs to sustain its mortal life.

We are like greedy apes who when presented with a treat quickly grab it and do not take much thought for what others may need or whether there might be more out there somewhere that we cannot see. We are in our confined world where we cannot see or conceive of what lies beyond our limited worldview.

But there is a controlling, active force that brings order amid chaos, like the more intelligent zookeeper watching over the apes who manages the daily diet of the more primitive primates and has in mind a wise plan to help the apes stay healthy and happy.

This force also follows laws and rules-higher laws and rules- that bring conformity and create beauty, life, endless, Eternal life- GOD’s life. Faith – a principle of action and hope is one positive force used by many to bring forth miracles, bringing the possible to the seemingly impossible. In the Book of Luke, Jesus Christ, a mighty worker of miracles, was an instrument in healing ten lepers who cried out to him for mercy.  He told them to go show themselves to the priests.  As they took these steps of faith, they were healed. One turned back to give thanks, and Jesus said to him, “Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.”

How are the bounds of time and space broken?  Well, the Savior, Jesus Christ, is said to have broken the bands of death and hell.  How did he do this?  He had a power above what we have for one.  His being was half created by the great creator.  He lived a sinless life.  This means that he followed the laws of God.  He followed the laws and principles of order and goodness, what Confucius would call, “the way of Heaven”.  But this is not all.  He lived in this mortal world of trial and trouble.  He thirsted and hungered and felt pain, physical and emotional.  In the scriptures it says he even suffered the pains of all men in the Garden of Gethsemane when he “bled from every pore”.  So, in this case the perfect one, the powerful and sinless one, submitted himself to the mortal experiences of this world.  He did this in order to understand our problems and perspectives in some way.  But he was also putting himself in the bounds of time and space so that he could ultimately break those bonds.  And that is what he did.  He suffered the seeming finality of death.  But when the tomb was rolled away his body was not to be found.  His living body was found later.  He shared with his disciples the wounds he had suffered at death.  He was resurrected.  His body had reached that immortal, endless state.  The perfect and faithful had subjected himself to the imperfect mortality of this life in order to break free of it with power enough to make it possible for the rest of us to also break this barrier.

Is there some force of goodness and faith that Jesus uniquely had that was able to burst this dimension of time and space?  It reminds me of the fact that if you split an atom there is a large amount of energy released as the atom’s mass is reduced, and the energy is greater for the atom of greater mass.  Is there some spiritual measurement of mass or positive force in which when it is subjected to a division such as that division of body and spirit that there is some sort of massive energy change that takes place? Remember the earthquakes and storms that occurred at Jesus’ time of death?

 Evidently, there is even more energy created when atoms are fused.  When Jesus’ spirit and body were ‘fused’ back together could this have caused even more force that allowed us all to do the same in future times?

Is there something unique that happens when two opposites interact? Think of the very act of creation of human life, when a male and a female come together.  Of course there are other species where cells simply divide on their own without reproduction in the “fusion” way.  That is another possible avenue to explore.  These are just wild thoughts and speculations, but I think it is something to think about and consider.

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on time and space

  1. That took a lot of thought. It makes me wonder what am I doing dragging my feet or why I relate to others in hurtful ways. Why am I not more spiritual?


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