Breasts, mammary glands, nipples.

They have the function of providing a vital connection between a mother and her child.

They provide nourishment to a child once out of its mother’s womb.  They are the bridge from the womb of the fetus to helping the infant become nourished enough to grow and develop and survive eventually on its own.

But then, once grown, a man often finds the breasts of a woman drawing him back to that motherly figure, but this time as a wife and mother of his own children.

My breasts lie over my heart.

They are a repository of feeling.

They are tender and sensitive.

Like my heart, they hold unfathomable love.

Through them I can nurture and feed.

They are an expression of my gender.

They say “I am a woman”

“I have the means to provide sustenance and care”

“Come to me, man and child.”

I, the mother and wife, will provide nurturing and love and care.

I am the heart of the home.

Come to my bosom.

Find comfort and security in my arms.

Find warmth and softness and nourishment here in these flowers of feeling and connection.

Sometimes our breasts are not perfect.

Sometimes they are ravaged by disease and disorder.

But despite our bodily frailties,

Each woman still holds in her heart and spirit

A great capacity for love and compassion.

Let that softness and warmth

Light up your spirit

And bring each woman a sense of worth and joy.


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