Exquisite Creation


Only this pure musicmusic-images-16

That radiates and vibrates

Through the air

Can fully express

The feelings I have

When caressing your physical form with my eyes.


Only the beauty of a violet blossom in the sun-warmed meadow of wild flowers


Can truly reflect the wholeness of your soul

 and the exquisite charm that permeates your frail skin

and seeps into my consciousness,

tuning my heart and mind to yours

with an electrical surge and a flashing spark.


The shining brightness of the moon illuminates my night


And fills me with the wonder of you-Just one well-built reflection

of the Great God of the Sun who shines and energizes us all.


The Sun has raised you up


and your growth has been fraught with the battles of life.

Yet, here you stand, a mature being in earth years,

Who brings awe and pleasure to my senses.

You are truly a child and creation of the Almighty,

and a fine one at that.

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