To solve mental problems and get over grief or frustration:

1.       Be mindful.  Pay attention to your feelings.

2.       What is the situation right now?  How do I feel?

3.       What is the first emotion you notice?

4.       What is causing this emotion?

5.       Why is this thing causing this emotion?

6.       What can be done to take care of this thing causing this emotion?

7.       Think of what obstacles there are that stop you from resolving your particular problem.

8.       How can you overcome those obstacles?

9.       Brainstorm many different types of solutions.

10.   Find a solution that will work for you and others involved now and in the future.

11.   Create an action plan to implement the solution.

12.   Throughout your implementation of the action, check your progress to see what is working and what isn’t.

Repeat these steps as necessary for each emotion and problem. 

You can also start with one emotion, look at the causes, and keep going down from one emotion to the next or look at the chain of causes and effects until you get down to the base of your mind, where there is nothing more you can break down or analyze.  Keep peeling back your feelings or problem situations from the outer layer to the inner layer until you get down to the null or blank slate.  You can also dig deeper to see if there is not something underneath the blank slate that is being blocked off somehow.

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