I am enough



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I am enough.

I am an organism contained within itself.

I am a unit controlled by a brain.

This brain is like a translucent jelly fish with shining lights.

Or perhaps the translucent light-filled vessel is my soul.


Whatever my body may look like,

Whatever problems it may face,

I am.

I exist.

My brain and body fight for survival.

Every living being exists

And seeks to continue its existence.


But other organisms and the environment get in the way.

However, every organism should know that it exists for a reason.

Every organism must fulfill the reason for its being.

And each organism is directed by some kind of central nervous system.

And most likely there is a great brain that directs our creation and reasons for being.

We are most successful when we align ourselves with the great power that regulates everything with the laws of nature.

But I am enough.

As a living organism, and especially a highly intelligent human being, I have value and a divine nature.

No matter what others may think of me, or what I sometimes think of myself, let me tell myself:

You must carry on.  You must exist.

But you must not take this as a license to live however you wish.

It is best if you live by the laws that govern our world.

It is best for world harmony if you act aright.


Worry not what others do to you, worry instead how you conduct yourself.

And always remember that what they say does not affect your value.

You are the only you.  You are worth what any extremely rare object would be worth. Nobody can replace you. 

You are enough. 



One thought on “I am enough

  1. I only mostly agree because I have my own perspective, just a different flower in the garden of beautiful flowers such as you.


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