Demon meditation

I have to face my own demons. The demons are inside my mind. They are all around me.  The demons are the devils of desire.

They are the desires inside me that devour my peace of mind.  They want, want, want and I cannot satisfy their gaping maws.

So I must let go.  I must turn the demons out by letting go of the desires.  I have to face the dark, hairy presence that roars in my face.  I have to open my eyes and let it roar.  I have to face my fear.  I have to stare it in its ugly face and say hello and accept it.  But I don’t have to give in to its desires or my desires.

I can stand calm and not respond to it.  I can let it rage until its energy is spent.  I take a deep breath and let out the tension.  I let out the desire and with it the aches.


I need nothing.  I am as barren as a desert.  The desert is barren and inviting.  It has no complications of life to confuse me. 

I must let go of everything and accept the things around me.  Then everything can become my friend.  If I accept everything it is my friend.  But things with intelligence are harder to accept because they don’t necessarily accept me.  So how can I accept them if their will is contrary to mine? 

And yet I must stare the devils in their faces and let them rage until they spend up their energy and once again become as calm as contented sheep.

3 thoughts on “Demon meditation

  1. This reminds me of what I do when I stare at my eyelids, becoming aware of the little points of light that show up, and through my forehead extend my awareness to my hands until they tingle. It is a meditation I learned from Roy Masters. As I do this three times a day I become aware of my awareness; I become objective and am protected against the raging beasts inside and outside me. I am naturally aligned with God and my conscience and live from the inside out, God becoming my ego, me, relying upon his mind and will.


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