Sarah’s Personal Manifesto

CAM00061 (1)

1. Look. Look for value. Look for beauty. Look for truth. Look for a way to correct error    and harmonize when there is conflict   .

2. Nothing is free. For every gain there is a cost, a loss. And for every loss there is a gain.

3. Do not worry about how other people treat you, other than to stand up assertively for your own needs and desires as appropriate. Worry more about how you treat others because you will not be judged for how others treat you, but how you treat others.

4. Believe. Believe in hope. Believe that it can be better. In Christianity we call this hope ‘Christ’

5. Natural laws describe the way things work in the natural world. Man-made laws were created by men to enact order in the social world in order to make things better for the society except for those that were made for certain individuals’ own self-interests. Rules in general can also be seen as guidelines that direct behavior in order to help people become more effective and create a safer and more harmonious environment.

6.  Justice enforces laws for the sake of keeping order and consistency. Mercy allows for individual growth and understands that we may not get it right the first time. But mercy cannot rob justice and a price must be paid.

7.  Connect. To connect with others means to bind yourself with others in order to make your individual self a part of a bigger whole.  When parts come together to make something new power is amplified such as when you use a tool to accomplish more.

8. Learn to express your emotions. This is how we communicate.  And a smile is the most beautiful expression of joy to behold.

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