The Master Plan and the Future of Man

We have all gone astray

Each in our own way.


Who has trod a straight and narrow path?

Every law fulfilled and obeyed?

Have you aligned yourself straight on the course?

Have you erected a perfect house?


The straight edge we use is flawed.

There must be some margin of error in this imperfect world.

But the law of God is perfect.

And Christ has said, “Be ye therefore, perfect, even as I am.”


Jesus was known as a carpenter’s son.

But he was more than an earthly carpenter’s son.

He was the Son of the Master Mason.

He said,“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”


All men of the earth will face this doom.

Their temples will be destroyed.

Many of the temples are already in disrepair.


But do not despair

The Word by whose mouth all creation came

The Framer of Worlds

The Carpenter who died on the straight beams of the cross

Will take up his chisel and work on each of us

In our wayward ways

until we are ready for judgement


Wherein we will be proven and fit

For the place which has been prepared

In the Plan of the Great Master

Who knows in just what structure we must abide.


Whether a mansion of great grandeur or a humble hovel.

Our life’s journey will prove in which abode we will dwell.


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